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Sunrise Yoga
Sunrise Yoga Studio, 19 Lower Georges Street , , Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin, IE
Phone: +3532140444

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Caragh Egan is the founder of Sunrise Yoga and has been teaching yoga in Dublin since 2003. Having initially qualified as a teacher through the Yoga Therapy and Training Centre in Belfast, she has gone on to complete Donna Farhi's advanced teacher training, the Sivananda teacher training intensive in Kerala. In 2008 she studied with Shiva Rea and it is this that inspires her hatha flow classes.

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Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is the general term for yoga that aims to unite body, mind and spirit using postures (asanas), breath work (pranayama) and some form of meditation and relaxation.

Caragh's hatha flow classes combine elements of sun salutations to link postures, so the class becomes a moving meditation with little interruption. The class generally includes some breath work, deep stretching and strengthening, a little core work, mindfulness and relaxation.

Level II classes are suitable for those who have mastered the basics of yogic breathing and are comfortable moving through sun salutations and basic standing poses. These classes should ideally be attended as a course to allow students to progress together week by week.

Open level classes are for everyone. These classes vary to accommodate the students who arrive on the day. An open level class might include complete beginners to teachers but everyone will walk away feeling relaxed and renewed


Prenatal Yoga
Caragh teaches prenatal yoga on a one-to-one basis or to small private groups. If you would like to arrange such classes for yourself or your friends, please contact Caragh.

Unless you have a strong yoga practice already, it's best to wait until your second or third trimester before beginning prenatal yoga. Because each pregnancy and each stage of pregnancy is so different, a private class is an ideal way to tailor the practice of yoga to meet your needs. For example, from 30 weeks it's not a good idea to lie on your back, but up to that point it can be a lovely relief to lie down and stretch the lower back and legs.

Yoga postures can provide relief from common ailments and discomforts of pregnancy, such as backache, heartburn, breathlessness, swollen legs, etc. It can also help to boost your energy, leaving you feeling lighter and more relaxed, ready to enjoy a good night's sleep!

Some days you'll be full of energy and standing postures and strengthening work will leave you feeling great. Other days you need to relax and breathe, while gently stretching out tense muscles. Some women suffer from pelvic pain and need to really be careful not to overstretch this area. In this case, gentle core work can help create stability and relieve the pain. For others, hips feel tight and benefit from gentle stretching.

As your pregnancy progresses, yoga can be a fantastic way to help you approach labour and birth. Breath awareness and deep relaxation techniques, as well as movements and postures can help bring your baby into the world in the most natural and comfortable way.

No matter what stage of pregnancy, yoga is a wonderful way to create some space in your life to focus on your baby and strengthen the

Spacious studio. Great selection of classes available.

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Organiser: Suzanne Quinn

  • The Yoga Lounge The Yoga Lounge is a Yoga studio that is dedicated to all Levels and all styles of Yoga and is somewhere everyone can feel comfortable and belong. Whether you have practiced Yoga before or if it’s your first class you can find a class on our schedule to suit your needs. Yoga-Health-Pose-Classes Although we specialise mostly in Ashtanga Yoga, Hot Yoga and Pregnancy Yoga we also offer Hatha Yoga for those that enjoy a slightly more slower paced class. All of our classes are open level suitable if you are a beginner or have practiced yoga before. Our beautiful spacious 910 square foot yoga studio in the heart of Raheny Village has been purpose built to offer space and comfort when practicing yoga. Our Hot Yoga Classes are taught using the Ashtanga Yoga primary series which is a Powerful, Dynamic and purifying yoga that is suitable for all levels where you build a natural heat within your body as you practice. Our Yoga studio is heated using Infrared radiant heaters which is a proven therapeutic and safe heating system used in applications such as baby incubators and operating theatres. The room is heated to a comfortable temperature of 25-28degrees unlike other Hot Yoga Classes that may have the room heated up to a temperature of 40 degrees. Yoga-Lounge-Class-Pose To ensure that you have a comfortable and enjoyable yoga class and get the upmost attention required from your teacher our Ashtanga and Hot Yoga classes will have a maximum of 16-18 students per class and our Pregnancy classes a maximum of 16 Students per class. Ashtanga & Hot classes will not be overcrowded instead of listing max 16-18 in each class.
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