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Pilates Room
St. Judes Church Hall, Orwell Park, Templeogue, Dublin, 6W, IE
Phone: +353874169739

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Pilates, Somatics and Yoga - Fitness Classes - Training in Dublin, Ireland. Our aim at The Pilates Room is to teach you how to achieve the maximum results from your training by keeping you motivated. Our programmes are delivered with your health and safety as our top priority. We specialise in movement therapy for pain relief, optimal alignment and performance enhancement. We are committed to providing the highest standard of Pilates, somatics and yoga instruction. Our instructors are highly trained and experienced professionals. We specialise in group classes and personal training sessions. Optimal Alignment Solutions: A series of anatomy based educational/movement workshops taking bookings!!

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Pilates, Somatics and Yoga

Sessions include:
Corrective Exercise
Movement therapy for pain relief
Pilates Matwork core training
Pilates small equipment
Personal Training
Back care/osteoporosis pilates
Pre natal/post natal pilates
Hanna Somatics


Pilates, named after its inventor Joseph Pilates was developed in the 1920’s. The Pilates method is a unique form of exercise that offers a gentle but powerful pathway to achieving natural potential for health, strength, flexibility and stamina co-ordinating the mind and body. The method is based on eight fundamental principles:-

Flowing movement

Pilates exercises re-educate and re-balance the body, promoting natural ease of movement and releasing tension and strain. Throughout each movement, the focus is on good postural alignment, efficient breathing and use of the deep postural muscles that stabilise and give support to the body.

There are 34 original movements which can be preformed on a mat and / or on specialised equipment.

Pilates can be used by almost anyone and there is no age starting point or limit. A regular Pilates routine can help to reduce and counteract the ‘wear and tear’ effects of daily life and maximise the body’s full potential. Benefits include:

Lengthened and toned muscles
Increased flexibility / mobility
Increased core strength
Improved postural control
Heightened body awareness
More efficient breathing
Injury prevention
Improved balance and co-ordination
A calmer mind.

Pilates is recommended by many practitioners as the way forward in exercise.

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The Organiser

Organiser: Kerry Gaffney

  • With over 17 years experience in teaching movement, Keri has developed a passion for anatomy and body biomechanics. Her experiences have taught her that the key to mental and physical fitness is through a strong and supple core, optimal postural alignment and healthy breathing techniques. Out of all of her training, the power of Pilates, Somatics and Yoga has impressed her the most and delivers the greatest holistic benefits. Her classes pay particular attention to details, using simple cueing & instruction, while giving options of personal modifications to suit everyone’s needs. Keri’s passion for biomechanics and anatomy makes her class a true journey of body awareness. As well as running The Pilates Room ( based in the Southside of Dublin, Keri has worked in a physiotherapy clinic alongside clients with spinal and disc related issues, osteoporosis, arthritis, as well as assisting clients through pre- and post-natal exercise.
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