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Pure Health
Pure Health, 2/3 The Mall, Ongar, Dublin 15, Dublin 15, IE
Phone: +35314404343

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Welcome to pure health Pure Health is an integrative health centre, with therapies targeting the mind, body and spirit. We are a place to get away from day to day stress and find inner calm. Combining therapy rooms with a bright, spacious yoga & pilates studio, we offer everything you need to achieve your personal goals. We are based in Ongar, Dublin 15. We believe that people have a right to be healthy and happy, and we are committed to simply help you feel better...naturally. We hope to see you soon.

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Yoga is an ancient tradition, consisting of a physical practice, which we know best in this western part of the world, but also a vast body of knowledge and philosophy. The basic principles are good, common sense, guidelines on how to be a decent, honest human being.

From the physical practice we get astounding benefits, toning our bodies, increasing flexibility, regulating our metabolism, increasing circulation to our internal organs. Our health and fitness improves dramatically with regular yoga practice. With this practice, and by stilling our minds in each asana, feeling what is happening inside us, we also find a balance coming into our lives and personalities. A more clear mind, slower to get angry or stressed out. We become more aware.

Mother and Baby Yoga

A class for both Mum & Baby. A combination of Yoga and Pilates, this class focuses on post pregnancy toning and the aches and pains associated with new Motherhood. For the Baby there will be a mix of Baby Yoga, Baby Massage and bonding. Suitable for any baby who is not yet crawling or getting around, and for Mums 6 weeks post birth (10 weeks for a C Section). Please note it's always best when you get a check up to just ask your consultant if you are ready to start classes yet.

Power Yoga

An energetic upbeat Yoga practice to finish off your day with a challenge that will leave you feeling relaxed and grounded. A Sun Salutation based Yoga flow infused with Yoga and Pilates core work.


A Pilates class suitable for everyone, with options for both the experienced Pilates practitioner to get a strong practice, or for the less experienced with gentler modifications.
If you are an absolute beginner we recommend you try some level 1/beginners classes first to give you a basic grounding in Pilates. This is not essential, especially if you are normally active.

Vinyasa Flow

Level 1:
A Vinyasa Flow class suitable for beginners and anybody who wants a gentler yoga practice. This class introduces you to the concept of linking breath and movement as well the alignment principles of Yoga. While this class will teach the absolute beginner, anybody who practices yoga can learn from every class they do, so it's always good to refresh with the basics. Expect some challenge, but nothing that you can't do.

Level 3: A strong practice that will cleanse and open your body, revive and relax your mind. Combining a challenging flow with long holds and going deeper with flexibility, diverse postures, hand balances and inversions. This class requires strength and sensitivity and is suitable only for somebody who has been practicing Yoga for a minimum of 6 months regularly who wants to take their practice deeper, or experienced practitioners. If you have been practicing for a while don't be afraid, challenge could be just what you need now!

Ashtanga Yoga

This method of yoga involves synchronising the (ujjayi) breath with a progressive series of postures, a process producing intense internal heat and a profuse, purifying sweat that detoxifies muscles and organs. The result is improved circulation, a light and strong body, and a calm mind. Ashtanga yoga is popular worldwide as it greatly increases strength, flexibility and focus.

Prenatal Yoga

Our Pre Natal Yoga are suitable for any Mums to be from 16 weeks on. Suitable for beginners or for more experienced Yoga & Pilates practitioners the classes are a mix of gentle movement, relaxation, strengthening and toning, breath and pelvic floor work, stretching out tight areas and back care. Take the time to breathe deeply and relax, to bond and send the right chemical signals of relaxation to your baby, balancing your hormones and de-stressing. An absolute must during Pregnancy (and beyond!).

Yoga & Meditation

Deeply relax and restore your body and mind with this relaxing, gentle yoga practice including meditation. Although it is genlte it will also strengthen and lengthen muscles, restore joint mobility etc. Suitable for all ages, all abilities, including seniors, pregnancy, some injuries etc.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a deeply relaxing, challenging at times, style of yoga which combines deep stretches with long holds, allowing for better flexibility and circulation in the joints, reducing the risk of injury & enhancing healing within the body.
Yin Yoga is the perfect balance to a flow practice, a fast paced life or a very active routine, such as running, cycling - or just trying to keep up with life!
Let go of tension in the body, slowly working towards letting go of tension in the mind and find stillness.

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The Organiser

Organiser: Sarah Woolridge

  • Sarah Woolridge was taught her first asana at the age of 3 by her father who had spent several years in India. Many years later, after several years of being afraid to exercise or move her body due to neck and back injuries, an osteopath recommended yoga to strengthen the back and Sarah then found yoga, starting by practicing the flowing and challenging Dynamic Yoga method. Feeling very early on that this was something she wanted to do, her practice deepened and became more frequent. The freedom, strength and flexibility that regular Yoga practice gave physically was amazing, and a daily practice was established within 4 months of starting.
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