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Ashbourne Yoga
Ashbourne Yoga Center, Pillo Hotel, Ashbourne, Co Meath, Co Meath, IE
Phone: +212879119617

Class Schedule

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school description

Welcome to my web site. My name is Catherine Carr and I am a qualified yoga, pregnancy yoga and baby massage teacher. I am also in qualified Indian head massage and reflexology. I have over twenty years experience in the health industry in which I taught aerobics, step aerobics, body toning and circuit training classes. I started teaching Hatha Yoga in Ashbourne in 2002 after training as a Yoga Teacher. I have since trained in Pregnancy yoga, meditation, massage and baby massage. As a result I can now offer a large selection of classes. My classes suit all levels of fitness. Classes are available in Ashbourne . I have three children all born in the Rotunda. My hobbies include Yoga, walking and dancing. I have also worked part time as a Doula(childbirth assistant) and I have had the great honour of attending seven beautiful births. Seven of these babies were born in Our Ladys Hospital in Drogheda and one a home birth. The last birth I assisted in was with my daughter Sharron on the 28th February 2015 in the MLU in Drogheda . This was a fantasic experience to see all the benefits of yoga, reflexology, hypnobirthing and aromatherapy work as Sharron had a short natural stress free labour & birth. My experience as a yoga teacher and a doula is a real benefit to expectant mums in preparing them for the wonderful joy of motherhood. All antenatal information is covered during the Pregnancy yoga classes as well as yoga exercises and breathing / relaxation techniques. Classes available : Yoga & Body Tone , Mindfulness, Pregnancy Yoga, Birth Preparation workshops,Mum & Baby Yoga, Baby Massage. Therapies avialable : Reflexology , Pregnancy Reflexology, Natural Labour Induction using relaxation, acupressure , reflexolgoy and essential oils. The information on this web site is kept up to date, but if you require any more information please feel free to phone or e-mail me. Ie-mail : Phone or text: 087 9119617 Gift Vouchers are available for classes and therapies.

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Benefits of Yoga

Increases Flexibility
Strengthens muscles and bones
Alleviates aches & Pains
Balances Hormones
Builds immunity
Soothes stress
Reduces Anxiety
Boosts Happiness
Fosters optimal Health
Calms & Relaxes the Mind
Gives you time for yourself to slow down and let go the stresses of life
Meditation, Mindfulness and Visuatisation are part of all the classes.
Classes are held in The Pillo Hotel unless otherwise stated.

If you join into a class after start date you just pay for balance of classes left in the course.

Yoga mats, pilates ball & bands are available to use at the class.

For hygiene reasons it is best to have your own yoga mat.

Please register your place on Line or by text/ phone call.

Prenatal Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga

Practicing Yoga improves strength, stamina, flexibility, breathing and improves posture. It also relieves tension and reduces stress.

Yoga helps to regulate blood pressure, and improve sleep. Strengthens stomach & back muscles. Regular pracice of yoga, stretches ligaments in the pelvic & hips which helps to reduce back pain and aids in a shorter, easier labour and birth.

The breathing and relaxation section in the class helps to reduce stress , fear and worry. Balances the hormones and aids a good nights sleep.

Enjoy the company of other expectant mums and time out for yourself to enjoy your pregnancy.

Yoga mats, pilates balls, bands and water are available at the class. (For hygiene reasons it is best to have your own yoga mat)

Baby Massage

Baby Massage

Baby massage is a wonderful experience shared between parents and baby. It is an ancient and loving art. Suitable for babies from the age of 4 weeks to 5 months. All classes are held in lovely warm cosy rooms. Gentle easy going class, (suitable for mums during recovery from c-section ). Plenty of room for buggy etc. This is a baby lead class, so if baby needs feeding or a sleep or even a good cry it is not a problem.

Benefits of Baby Massage

Helps to relive colic, wind and constipation
Helps to relax and calm a baby with reflux
Improves sleep
Strengthens baby’s immune system
Aids Bonding
Helps to lift postnatal depression
Enjoy the company of other mums
Facebook Page : Baby Massage Ashbourne
Fee €70 for 5 weeks. Oil and handouts supplied.
Special Offer :Fee €110 for 5 weeks baby massage plus 5 weeks Mum & Baby Yoga. You can start the Mum & Baby Yoga course after finishing the Baby Massage course or attend them both the same week which ever suits you best .
Fee may be covered by your Health Insurance.
Class Structure
Class held once a week over 5 weeks. Class one hour long.
Participants massage their own baby while guided through a step- by- step routine
I use a massage doll to demonstrate the movements.
The routine is a combination of Swedish massage, Indian massage and Reflexology
Class includes talks on topics such as : colic, sleep, bonding.
Mums and babies sit in a circle on a soft blanket in a warm room.
Please bring a towel for your baby.
Handouts and oil supplied.
If you miss a week make it up at the next course.

Mother and Baby Yoga

Light cardio low impact aerobics, combined with yoga, pilates and body toning. Suitable from 6 weeks after having a baby. Class includes exercises to strenghten the pelvic floor, back and stomach muscles. This class includes a short section for the babies such as gentle movements and massage. Babies can stretch out on a mat or sleep in their buggy. Mums usually go for a coffee after the class.

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The Organiser

Organiser: Catherine Carr

  • Welcome to my web site. My name is Catherine Carr and I am a qualified yoga, pregnancy yoga and baby massage teacher. I am also in qualified Indian head massage and reflexology. As I teach the classes myself, I can offer individual attention and have time to get to know my yoga members. I love teaching and feel passionate about introducing members to all the elements of yoga. The location and environment of the classes is extremely important to me. The room is always quiet, warm and cosy, with dim lights and gentle music. A perfect place to relax and unwind. Plenty of space is always available to stretch out on your mat and to have space between yourself and other members. There is a limited number of spaces available for all classes. Please book your place early. Chairs, yoga mats, pilate balls and bands are available to use at the classes. I offer classes for all levels from stresssed executives and busy mums to sprightly seniors and even young babies. Everyone is made welcome and encouraged to work at a pace that suits their individual’s needs. The classes are kept imformative and interesting. Meditation, mindfulness and relaxation are included in all the classes. I offer both morning and evening classes, and have the facility for members to move between classes to suit their schedule. There is no penality for missed classes and arrangements to carry over a missed class or attend on a different time can be arranged. No classes on bank holidays.
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