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Ashtanga Yoga with Danny Paradise
F2 Centre, 3 Reuben Plaza, Rialto, Dublin, Dublin, IE
Phone: +353879340839
€ 70.00
There is nothing noble about being superior to
some other man. The nobility is in being
superior to your previous self.

Orla is a lovely teacher., so experienced but patient with every level.

Alison Lynas


Ashtanga Yoga & Shamanic Perspectives on Ageing & Transition

Saturday 25th October 12.00pm - 6.00pm

F2 Centre, 3 Ruben Plaza, Rialto, Dublin 8

Danny Paradise's Bio:

Danny Paradise has been practicing Ashtanga Yoga since 1976 and teaching worldwide since 1979. He initially studied with David Williams and Nancy Gilgoff, the first Western teachers of Ashtanga. In 1978 and 1980 he also studied with Sri K. Patabbhi Jois. As an early advanced practitioner in the West he has helped initiate people around the world in public classes as well as teaching some of the world's most renowned and talented musicians, actors, sports champions, film directors and dancers.

Danny was the first advanced Western traveling Ashtanga Yoga teacher.. He has introduced the forms in many countries throughout the world since 1979.

Danny learned all the sequences of Ashtanga Yoga over 4 years and has also studied and practiced with Yoga teachers and Spiritual guides in many lineages and traditions as well as teachers of Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Karate. Danny draws from the teachings of Krishnamurti, ancient Egypt (as a possible origin of the Practices of Yoga) as well as many Shamanic nature based indigenous Native cultures including Mayan, Tibetan, Hawaiian and Native Americans.

He communicates the teachings on ancient traditions in a non-dogmatic, contemporary, compassionate, humorous way. His purpose is to help people develop a sacred, meditative, healing, joyful, personal self-practice. Yoga is an evolutionary technology designed to create well-being, help us fulfill personal destiny and learn to age with vitality, clarity and grace.

Danny teaches all the Ashtanga Sequences with emphasis on an expanding, evolving practice as well as showing derivative poses, modifications and variations.

Danny considers Yoga a Shamanic practice and relates Yoga to all Shamanic cultures and practices whose ultimate purpose is Conscious Evolution. The basic premise of Shamanism is that Nature is our Spiritual Guide and Teacher.


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The Organiser

Organiser: Orla Punch

  • I have been teaching yoga full-time for over 20 years in Dublin and abroad, and have invited top teachers from all over the world to host workshops in Ireland. I started yoga at the age of 3 with my mum, and from then on was completely fascinated by th
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