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Backbending & Meditation workshop
yogaloftcork, Unit 1, Celtic Park, Monahan Road, Cork , cork city, cork, cork, IE
Phone: +3530872736048
€ 25.00
There is nothing noble about being superior to
some other man. The nobility is in being
superior to your previous self.
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Back bending Flow, mantra & meditation workshop
Create length and space in your spine & rest in stillness
Level 1 & Level 2

This Class with takes you through some flowing back bending incorporating the fundamentals of simple backbending and some more deeper backbends if you so wish. We will use props such as blocks, blankets and chairs to facilitate the opening of the spine. We will explore the roots of stability, balance and openness. We will incorporate a yoga sequence for learning to overcome any constriction in the shoulders, chest, hips, or in the breath. Often our fears can deeply affect our breathing. We will learn to pull the energy up in to your heart to open the chest for backbending allowing freedom and movement in the spine. A deep relaxing svasasana will be followed by pranayama practice ending with a meditation session for calming the mind and help you stay grounded.

Benefits of backbends are endless. On a physical level backbends stimulate the central nervous system, boost immune system, realign and increase mobility in the spinal column, open the hips, strengthen and stretch the legs. Other benefits include increasing the flow of blood, massaging the vital organs and glands as well as loosening the joints. Backbends boost energy levels and relieve tensions stored in the muscles. Psychologically, backbends teach us to be more patient with ourselves and offer valuable lessons such as discipline and care. On an energetic level backbends allow for deep heart opening. Many options will be offered to accommodate those with mobility restrictions. All are welcome.

Who Should Attend: Open to all except complete beginners for more details.
Cost: €25
Please email to reserve a space


Cancellation Policy : No Refund



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07:30 pm
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