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Fiona Maguire
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Fiona Maguire began practising yoga in 2006. In 2008 she completed a year-long intensive Hatha Yoga teacher training course with Analia Ganga in Yoga Om, Argentina. Since then she has continued her studies under Swami Digambarananda of Bindu Yoga, Madrid and Upendra Arya of Kala Yoga, Barcelona.

In 2012, Fiona enjoyed a natural labour and birthed her first baby at home in a birth pool, using yoga poses and breathing to guide her. Since becoming a mother, Fiona has come to a clear understanding of the benefits of Yoga for pregnancy, birth and motherhood which lead her to study peri-natal yoga in The Elbowroom, in Dublin in 2013. She is now expecting her second baby and enjoys sharing this precious time with the students in her pre-natal yoga classes.

With 6 years experience teaching yoga, Fionas classes provide a peaceful place to unwind and become revitalised through the wisdom of yoga. She is clear, dedicated and attentive. Class sizes are limited so as to enable special guidance for each individual student.
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