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Kerry Gaffney
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With over 17 years experience in teaching movement, Keri has developed a passion for anatomy and body biomechanics. Her experiences have taught her that the key to mental and physical fitness is through a strong and supple core, optimal postural alignment and healthy breathing techniques. Out of all of her training, the power of Pilates, Somatics and Yoga has impressed her the most and delivers the greatest holistic benefits.

Her classes pay particular attention to details, using simple cueing & instruction, while giving options of personal modifications to suit everyone’s needs. Keri’s passion for biomechanics and anatomy makes her class a true journey of body awareness.

As well as running The Pilates Room ( based in the Southside of Dublin, Keri has worked in a physiotherapy clinic alongside clients with spinal and disc related issues, osteoporosis, arthritis, as well as assisting clients through pre- and post-natal exercise.
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