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About Us

About Us

The Yoga Site is a yoga school network headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.

It's a place where teachers can build a school within minutes with scheduling, booking and management system as standard with NO monthly subscription fee. 

It's also a place where students can access this network of schools, otherwise unknown to them, and book a class or event.

The network aims to empower teachers to effectively connect and transact without needing to depend on costly methods such as software packages, subscription fees, web designers, apps and marketing budgets.

We are proud to be a network pioneering the way in which the yoga industry works. 

Our Team 

The Yoga Site is built and run by a small team of talented & passionate yogis who live in Dublin, Ireland - of all the wondrous places! We are also supported by an amazing network of mentors, advisors and developers globally. For more info on our team contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Our Mantra

1. We plan to be the future of yoga online. 

2. We serve the yoga community and make every effort to listen to, understand and respect the needs of them all.

3. Our purpose is to promote yoga and to do good from yoga. The Yoga Site directly helps yoga teachers, students and organisations act on their aim of getting more people to do yoga. The Yoga Site aims to indirectly helps people less fortunate.  

4. Our services and systems are designed for yoga teachers and students. We get rid of what doesn't meet their needs and standards and are constantly trying to improve our efforts based on our own judgement and feedback from them.  

5. We move quickly. The world is moving fast so we can't waste time. We review, develop and move forward quickly. 

6. We encourage the collaboration between yoga teachers, students and organisations even when no profit is involved.